Roth & Lorenz turns 30 and is now called ‘follow red’

As of 14 November 2016, after exactly 30 years, the experts in experiential communication are writing their success story with a new signature: Roth & Lorenz is now called follow red – Branding Experiences. Follow red stands for a new creative benchmark. New approaches. And long-established strengths. For clients, this will mean new opportunities, benefits and experiences. Strongly combined with the acclaimed reliability of the agency with locations in Stuttgart and Berlin.

A new name – a new benchmark
Since its inception in 1986, the agency has been able to look back on an impressive success story. Recent years especially have been marked by change and dynamic momentum. Outstanding, experienced communication specialists are shaping the agency’s profile today with winning, distinctive concepts and compelling creative in experiential communications. With its 30 years of experience, follow red offers an exceptionally high quality of consulting. The three partners of the still owner-managed agency – founder Ulrich Roth (CEO) and the two managing partners Petra Schnitzler (CFO) and Dr. Andrea Vossen (CCO) are passionately driving the agency’s vision and development course.

The decision to also celebrate this milestone anniversary with a new name was made during creative discussions targeted at sharpening the agency’s profile and future positioning. This is what Ulrich Roth has to say about the groundbreaking decision: “Our success is based on the fact that we understand markets and brands. Whether in real or virtual sales contexts, authentic, target group-specific communication is the key to successful marketing communication. To this end, we provide solid orientation to those responsible for corporate and marketing communications. We create and develop solutions for them into which we bring all our experience to bear. With this in mind, we intend to fulfill our advisory role even more strongly in the future. Our new agency name follow red clearly conveys this promise.”

A new orientation and vision
Today’s multitude of innovative communication opportunities and channels entails that agencies now have to more intensively advise and support their clients in building their brands. “One of the most important reasons why our clients rely on us is our creativity, which we have always combined with outstanding implementation expertise. With follow red, our creative strength takes on an even more central position. We work hand in hand with veleum, our digital agency, throughout the creative process. This leads to concepts that deliver unique communication solutions – both analog and digital – while satisfying the high demands of our clients,” explains the agency’s creative head Andrea Vossen, referring to follow red’s new orientation and vision.

The structural framework has been set. Ulrich Roth and Andrea Vossen represent follow red to the outside as front-line consultants. Petra Schnitzler heads up the agency’s finances and, with her team, is responsible for the highly-trained and motivated employees who live the follow red standard of excellence. Niko Skarlatoudis, “homegrown agency talent” and long-term account manager, has been a member of the Board of Management since October 2016 in his new role as Chief Operating Officer (COO). All client teams report to him on the operational business. This ensures a consistently high level of quality in project implementation, while enabling Andrea Vossen and Ulrich Roth to focus on client strategy. With strategist Ralph Schneider as new Creative Director, and PR and Content expert Thilo Reutter, two further highly experienced concept specialists will be committing their know-how to follow red clients. Together with Roth, Schnitzler and Vossen, Schneider and Reutter form the agency spearhead in the consultancy and implementation process for long-standing clients such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Südsalz, Camille Bloch, Microsoft, Continental and many more.

With the above-described changes, follow red is extremely well positioned to continue to play a leading role among independent, owner-managed agencies for a long time to come.

Dr. Eva Strohschneider, Senior Consultant PR bei der Agentur follow red

Dr. Eva Strohschneider, follow red GmbH

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