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Frische Gesät Rivella Aktion Stuttgart

Rivellution in Baden-Württemberg

Whether traffic jam poetry, office attacks or guerrillas on the Schlossplatz – Rivella has been providing fresh moments in Stuttgart and the region since the beginning of April 2017.

Further, surprising freshness head actions: urban gardening, parkours and freerunning over the roofs of the city or readings in the subway.

The content is collected at the central campaign hub frischekoepoepfe.de, which we take care of together with our digital subsidiary agency “smart7 gmbh”. In addition, there are over 100 influencers, who carry the freshness message with the #frischekoepfe into their community.

We are responsible for the idea, the planning and the responsibility for full service content. Films, photos and holistic communication. Offline and online, including support of the Rivella Germany Facebook page. All campaign content is staged with our trained promoters, who act as fresh activists. The movement is growing!

Frische Köpfe für Stuttgart Rivella Demo Aktion
Frisch Gesät Rivella Aktion Stuttgart
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Alle trinken gern Rivella
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