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Geteilte Freude ist doppelte Freude

How do we show people in Switzerland and Baden-Württemberg that Ragusa for Friends is the best thing you can share with your friends?

With a “Tour de Friends” roadshow, we visited 19 cities. And with four vintage postal delivery bicycles and an original Citroen HY, we brought the “Friendship is a matter of CHaracter” to life (CH for Switzerland).

We achieved maximum attention with a bike show. And we distributed two Ragusa Friends to everyone who was interested – one to keep and one to share with friends. For the latter, we made available individualised photo postcards with personal messages. Five different cards with amusing sayings to take away extended the campaign through to consumers’ homes.

Even for those who stayed at home, there were Friends’ experiences to be shared: at www.ragusafriends.ch consumers were able to create a friendly greeting free of charge, which was sent as a real-life postcard to the target address – and enjoy their own moments of sharing. The most creative participants won one of three Ragusa bicycles.

We took on strategic consulting and planning, all creative development and implementation, through to supporting PR campaigns.

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Ragusa for Friends Truck
Ragusa for Friends Fotobox
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