Client Units.

Always close to our clients, we have experts paying special attention to “their” brands and thinking outside the box. We see project management and consulting as a whole – you manage, support and advise clients, while taking on and managing project planning and – if you wish – conceptual tasks as well. The path leads from being a Trainee to a Junior PM, a PM and Senior PM to an Account Director. Alternatively, you can pursue a specialist career path.


In our “idea factory”, our team of freelance and permanently employed staff develop creative concepts, layouts, stories and staging productions – always in close collaboration with client units. Here, you work as a concept designer, copywriter, art director, graphic designer or layout artist – with many opportunities for advancement.

Public Relations.

Our PR specialists are far more than just communication partners. They develop themes, stories and opinions, both strategically and operationally. This includes product PR as well as publishing, content and event communication. As a (junior/senior) PR consultant, you are an advisor, manager and storyteller with journalistic expertise – all for your clients’ brands. For graduates, the entry level is a traineeship.

Business Development.

The Business Development team ensures that potential clients have a clear idea of what we can do and achieve for them. With strategic know-how, sure instincts and a finely tuned sense of timing and win-win situations. As an interface between new clients and our client units. As a new business consultant, you bring together conviction with outstanding communication skills.



The Operations team is highly adept at technical and infrastructural planning, as well as the successful implementation of communication experiences. Key disciplines include production, logistics, buying, technical services, event planning and warehousing. You negotiate with suppliers and trade fair builders, manage printing processes, ensure high quality standards, while delivering ideas for unique event set-ups and structures.

follow red people.

Our trained promoters represent one of our agency’s key USPs and they give our branding experiences an authentic “face”. The Booking team is responsible for promoter development and for matching them with the right projects. As a booking manager, you are the contact person responsible for the entire process – from recruiting and casting new promoters through to operational/project training and project support.

Internal Services.

The Internal Services team combines the skills most often associated with MacGyver and an indispensable nanny. With Human Resources, IT, Office Management or in Accounting and Controlling, you are not only responsible for handling employee concerns and needs. You are also a catalyst and initiator of innovative, forward-looking solutions. You make sure that the agency keeps on running – from personnel policies to invoicing and computer infrastructure to material procurement and the reception area.

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