Steffen Kotulek // Project Manager Operations

We in Operations procure everything required for providing genuine experience communication – from a paperclip to a cruise ship. We advise, plan and implement. This means new challenges, exciting projects and great collaboration each and every day.

Ulrich Roth // CEO Business Development

Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA) are changing marketing and advertising. There’s no question, their digital business models are extremely successful. However, they do not generate real brand experiences by any measure. Marketing communications’ challenges lies in creatively and intelligently linking the digital with the real world. At follow red, we address both worlds and thereby the ultimate field in marketing: making brand experience tangible.


No two days are the same here and sometimes you don’t know what the day will bring when you arrive in the morning. For sure exciting projects, awesome colleagues and plenty of opportunities to rock our customers’ world creatively. Boredom is elsewhere!

Yasmin Schweers // Art Director

Many different and exciting assignments – from developing concepts for pitches all the way through to a major packaging relaunch. I’ve had opportunities to do pretty much everything here. Working with great consultants and clients who are open to real creativity. These are just some of the things I love about my job at follow red.

Saskia Gross // New Business

At follow red, I work on expanding business with current customers and establishing initial contacts with prospective clients. What motivates me? The fun I have in my job and the best colleagues in the world! And I don’t miss out on all the fun, even when I’m on the road: I always stay up-to-date due to our remote work options.

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