Executive Management

  • Ulrich Roth
    Ulrich Roth CEO

    We at follow red create real value for our clients. As a first step, we listen, ask questions and offer guidance. Then we develop really powerful communication.

  • Petra Schnitzler
    Petra Schnitzler CFO

    With our society’s ever increasing mediatisation, the value of personal contact between people and brands is increasing exponentially.

  • Dr. Andrea Vossen
    Dr. Andrea Vossen CCO

    Passionate team players who can transform experiential formats and move people with creative compelling ideas. That is the greatest part of my work.

  • Niko Skarlatoudis
    Niko Skarlatoudis COO // CFO

    Employees will always be our strongest asset. My work is all about encouraging them and showing them opportunities to develop their own initiative, and to take on the challenges they face with creativity and innovation.

Senior Management

  • Andreas Janous
    Andreas Janous Group Head Account
  • Volker Leitl
    Volker Leitl Group Head Operations
  • Markus Schaupp
    Markus Schaupp Group Head PR // Press
  • Mirko Pahnke-Hein
    Mirko Pahnke-Hein Director Office Berlin
  • Nico Motchebon
    Nico Motchebon Head of Information Technology
  • Andrea Bellgardt
    Andrea Bellgardt Head of Human Resources
  • Christian Porz
    Christian Porz Group Head
  • Michael Roller
    Michael Roller Head of Production

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