Showing how easy it is to help


How do we convey what the German Red Cross (DRK) accomplishes every day? How do we make today’s helpers proud while appealing to tomorrow’s helpers?

By showing them just how easy it is to help – this is best done with a roadshow. We hit the road all over Germany for the 150th anniversary of the German Red Cross. What does the German Red Cross actually do? What kind of helper am I? How can I get involved? Half a million visitors now have answers to these questions.

From consulting and concept development through to implementation, we created and ensured an authentic and credible campaign. The centerpiece: a truck with theme-specific modules. Inside, the visitors had an opportunity to find out what type of helper they could become. To this end, they were given a personal helper ID with references to active memberships with the German Red Cross. Additionally, participants could submit their congratulations and best wishes to the DRC on its 150 years of achievement via video message.

At the various module boxes, the DRK presented its activities in thematic areas. “Family and Youth”, for example, with a Pictionary game and “First Aid & Rescue” with the DRK Memory Game. Movies on donating blood, emergency assistance and the history of the German Red Cross, as well as demonstrations of a rescue operation completed the offering.

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