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What is the core of sales promotion? If you want to win over people’s hearts with products, you have to get really close and personal! Being at the right point of sale, at the right time, ready for love at first sight, sip or bite. We like to play Cupid and create opportunities for authentic new or renewed acquaintances. At the springtime pop-up store. At viral summer ice cream promotions. On playful fall road shows. Or on the cozy Christmas tour. Branding, communication and sampling included. And with promoters who present products with passion. So that our customers get to know their customers. Up close and personal. BE CONNECTED. BE RED.

Hello in einer Leuchtreklame. Das beste an Promotion? Die Kunden direkt anzusprechen und gan nah dran zu sein beim ersten Hallo.
Ein roter Türrhamen. Er steht bei follow red für offene Türen, wo immer authentische Promotion-Konzepte gebraucht werden..

Trade Marketing & Retail Marketing

Pushing sales figures and generating a positive brand image at the same time – with intelligent trade marketing and retail marketing, it’s no magic trick. With a wealth of experience, we give brands an individual face at the POS, generate emotionality and pave the way for long-term customer loyalty. For this we deliver

  • campaign development & POS design,
  • giveaways & merchandising,
  • inpacks & onpacks,
  • retail promotion & retail events and
  • mystery shoppers.

POS Promotion

The first placement in the markets is also the first step to gain long-term representation. Therefore, it should be well elaborated, attract attention and stand out through individual presentation. Whether it’s a personalized activation, a classic tasting or a sales promotion – we help our customers achieve success at the POS. And deliver to your product kick-off

  • sales promotion,
  • POS design and
  • POS activation.


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is also true for brand love. And to ensure that product and customer find each other, our sampling teams are on the spot as matchmakers. Whether point of sale or point of life – we identify the right target group and reach them with the right concept. Our sampling measures include

  • street sampling,
  • event sampling and
  • food retail sampling.


follow red people is our classic promotion agency that takes care of recruiting and deploying personnel in all our disciplines. We develop our team into authentic brand ambassadors through intensive training and individual coaching. And with them, we serve Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our staff includes

  • hostesses,
  • explainers & guides and
  • promoters & event staff.

Guerilla Marketing

Marketing that inspires? Marketing that surprises? Marketing that goes viral? With pleasure! Because anyone can do normal. With the slogan “Just Guerilla”, we summarize all unusual marketing campaigns that we develop with our creative team – to surprise, enrapture and amaze. Attention guaranteed! This includes

  • guerilla campaigns,
  • flashmobs,
  • street branding as well as
  • viral marketing.


Through roadshows, we get our customers’ brands rolling. From classic to innovative, from extraordinary to maximal flexibility, we put on the road what fits the target group perfectly. Before, during and after the tour, we provide support through

  • event logistics,
  • roadshow personnel and
  • roadshow communication.

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