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Brand Design

A red dress can become an eye-catcher. A follow red design can achieve the same for hundreds of thousands of people. What’s behind it: heart and craft. Our brand design is well-founded. Stands out. Aesthetic. And authentic. Whether corporate design, employer branding, editorial design, typography, office equipment or brand guidelines – our brand design touches. Because for us, brand design is more than just a job. It is art. Philosophy. Passion. Love. Red. Or green, yellow, blue or all colors of rainbow. Most important: with glitter! BE SPARKLING. BE RED.

Eine Leuchtreklame mit den Worten: "Do something great". Das spornt und als Agentur für Brand Design jeden Tag an.
Ein roter Raum mit leuchtenden Wänden. Be red. Be follow red.


If a brand was a store, then the corporate design would be its store window. It must represent, attract customers to the store, and present a coherent overall image. The same applies to employer branding. We make our customers stand out from the competition and position them advantageously through brand-appropriate

  • logo & typography,
  • color & visual language and
  • key visuals & imagery.


The first impression always counts. And it should be a good one. That’s why we extract the essence of our clients’ brands – to convey what makes them tick, both internally and externally, in form, color, type and image. This applies to

  • events,
  • print products and
  • web applications.

Editorial Design

Design for touching, please! Rough paper surfaces, high-gloss photographs and deeply embossed prints are not vintage for us, but contemporary designs for a haptical experience. Whether brochure design, catalog design, magazine layout, or book cover. We love to make communication literally tangible through

  • creative cover design,
  • creation of a layout grid,
  • typesetting & image and
  • imagery & coloring.


Make an impression, classic or modern: professional office equipment supports as a daily instrument in corporate communication. The choice? Huge. The design? Individual. For our customers we create matching corporate identity

  • business cards & letter paper,
  • cards, posters & flyers,
  • information brochures & advertising material and
  • PowerPoint masters & distribution centers.

Brand Guidelines

Creating a visual identity for a company is one thing. Implementing it stringently is another. We are happy to provide assistance and create guidelines, framework conditions and inspiration for the use of

  • images & visualizations,
  • colors & fonts,
  • logos & claims as well as
  • classic channels & social media.

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