Real experiential communication connects brands and people. It is memorable. It entertains and enriches. It inspires. It arouses desire and creates added value.

That’s our business. It has been for 30 years. With solid advice, live communications and events, promotions and sponsorships, public relations and content marketing. Powerful branding experiences. In the worlds your target groups live in.

In real and virtual settings through online and offline media, and with experiential specialists from all areas.


Promotions are full-contact brand experiences. And they’re all about making sure that brands leave the best possible impressions.

According to the German consumer research association (GfK), 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the Point of Sale. And it’s up to you – with our expert support – to make sure that the decision is in favour of your brand. With the right ideas – in-pack, on-pack and next-to-pack where the promotion takes place.

Point of Life instead of Point of Sale? Your target group’s favourite place is an ideal playground for branding experiences. We will create a creative and ideally suited format on location – and on the (social) web. Optionally with road signs directly to the store. And, if you so choose, with event integration and networking in editorial offices and media.

No matter where: personal communication calls for appealing personalities. That is why our brand ambassadors are more than just promoters: they are engaging specialists who know, understand and live your brand.


Sponsorships begin with insightful analysis and meaningful partnerships. Good advice, creative concept development and intelligent activation are what ensure sustainable success.

Sponsorship creates something to talk about. And choosing the right partner is decisive. You can count on us right from the word go. With planning and consulting – across all platforms and always perfectly matched to the brand. With creative concepts and implementation – from project design to communications, and all the way through to performance reviews and follow-up.

We see ourselves as not only ‘wedding planners’ but also a ‘dating portal’ for your brands and assets. And ideally, life companions up all the way through to the golden wedding. With the right activation ideas, the sponsorship relationships can remain healthy, happy and fulfilling for everyone involved.


We take public relations literally. With journalistic expertise and a powerful network, we were sharing stories and managing content long before it was even given a name.

Content management? Storytelling? Cross-media? We have been telling and spreading stories about companies, products and brands since 1986. Always close to the key target groups.

With creativity, journalistic expertise, a good network and well-founded advice, we ensure that exciting stories are on everyone’s lips. Across all disciplines – from classic public relations, to product and brand PR, all the way through to corporate publishing.


Events are very unique opportunities to reach all the senses. We create unforgettable moments for companies, products or services for hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.

The most direct dialogue between brands and people takes place where concepts and their implementation converge into a sustainable lasting story. Authentic and ready to be experienced to the fullest. A perfect staging through all dimensions and senses.

Perfectly customised to the brand, also in terms of size, duration and location. Creative conceived and developed with expertise by scenographers, scripters and architects. With all-inclusive execution. And with just the right expertise for every format – from the money-can’t-buy experience through to all-encompassing corporate events.


Whether web-driven emotions or digitally extended reality. Here, experiences are sustainably multiplied.

The quality and quantity of experiences on the web is increasing. According to ARD and ZDF, 55.6 million Germans, aged 14 or over, were online in 2014, and every second ‘onliner’ also accesses network content when away from home.

In addition to relevant extension and multiplication on the web, digital solutions are also all about content development in technical and content terms. For lasting branding experiences at the interface between web and reality.

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