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Celebrating 25 years of German unification

Hessen Wappen

How do you pack 25 years of history into three days – and make German unity tangible for citizens?

For the 25th anniversary of German unity, we overcame borders and brought a breath of fresh air (of change) to downtown Frankfurt. For a total of more than one million people, we made reunification tangible at the Citizens’ Festival. With foresighted planning, competent consulting, creative staging and reliable implementation. Including visual concept, architecture and planning of the entire event site. And including development and support of all communication measures such as website, program booklet, event app and press relations.

The highlight: the 60-minute evening production on October 3 – a journey through 25 years of German unity. Our stage: the Untermainbrücke. With numerous performers and artists on the bridge and on the water. And with film sequences and animations on a 600-square-meter LED installation that crosses borders.

25 Jahre Tag der Deutschen Einheit Bühne
Redner Tag der Deutschen Einheit
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Tag der Deutschen Einheit App
Angela Merkel am Tag der deutschen Einheit

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