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EQ – Electric intelligence by Mercedes-Benz

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Opinion leaders, visionary minds, top influencers, journalists and other exclusive guests – they are spread all over the world. Each with their own ideas and opinions on the future of mobility. With EQnight, EQ, the new brand for electric mobility from Mercedes-Benz, a new platform for these people is being created.

A side event to the big events and tech festivals of this world. The aim of all nights is to make EQ known and to push the brand – “Together for a better future”. An approachable appearance with multiple opportunities to dive into the world of EQ. To network with each other, interact and exchange ideas.

Through extravagantly staged brandings, special lighting and other highlights, such as Fireside Chats, the EQ brand is additionally charged and carried to relevant target groups with a wide reach by impressed influencers on site. In 2018, EQnight stopped in Rome, Berlin, Hong Kong, Lisbon and most recently in Helsinki. Our event experts are ready to impress with more EQnights!

Blick in den EQA
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EQ Talk Runde
EQA auf EQ Night in Berlin
Posing vor EQ Formula E Auto

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