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Music & Slime

SlimeFest 2019

How do you manage to sustainably inspire and entertain kids and teens these days? Take a handful of famous stars like Pietro Lombardi, a special location and add a big load of green slime. For the second time, the famous children’s and youth TV station nickelodeon brought the legendary SlimeFest to Germany and we were allowed to implement it. For three days, there was singing, dancing, rapping and of course sliming at the nickelodeon SlimeFest in Movie Park Germany. Not only the young guests were enthusiastic, also stars like Kira Kosarin, the Lochis and Mike Singer had their fun because they were not spared from the slime either. For all those who weren’t there or can’t get enough of slime, there’s the whole slime spectacle as a 360-degree VR concert.


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